The Miracle Journal

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The Miracle Journal is a 90-day process that will help you create your best life. It is a self-awareness journal that helps you find and eliminate your limiting beliefs. You will also learn the most important morning routine that the world's highest performers do consistently. Each day you will intentionally state the emotions that you want to feel and learn the process to feel more of the emotions you want and less of the emotions that you do not desire. You will also learn the formula to increase your emotional state. Your emotional state directly impacts your thoughts, behaviors and therefore the results you get in life. You begin each day with a 5 step process to create amazing days. You will also reflect on each day and notice the things that went poorly for the day, and you will reflect on what went well and think about ways to improve each day. You will also learn to condition more creativity in your life. Overall you will learn the habits of learning to live with great purpose and intention every day.

*Currently available only in paperback