24 Week Coaching Package

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Introducing The 24 Week Coaching Certification and Hypnosis Package

The schedule includes:

  • 24 Sessions – 30 minutes each call.
  • One call a week.

On the Coaching Certification calls we will focus on-

  • In this course you will be trained to become a certified life coach through Adam Mortimer's world class program
  • You will learn the best tools and strategies to market and sell your coaching business through our world class marketing program. 
  • You will learn the best processes to get results fast with your coaching clients through our certification program.
  • The best part is you will learn how to transform people's lives! There is nothing more fulfilling than that! 

On the Tapping/NLP/Hypnosis calls we will focus on-

  • In this course you will learn how to clear subconscious blocks through tapping. 
  • We will cover the most common limiting beliefs and how to clear deep seeded self identity blocks.  

  • You will also learn NLP. We will cover Sub modalities and the most effective way to retrain the brain using words!
  • We will also cover how to hypnotize others. We will start with the basics of hypnosis and work our way up to advanced hypnosis like conversational hypnosis.
  • You will also learn when to use tapping/NLP/hypnosis.

Coaching starts by appointment only and will be catered to your own personal schedule. After you place your order via our website you will receive an email to further choose your personal coaching dates.