Persuasion and Influence Sales Course

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The 12 Month Personal Coaching Program

The schedule includes:

  • 48 Sessions – 30 minutes each call.
  • One call a week.
  • 365-day coaching program.

Get ready to take it to the next level with one on one time with Adam Mortimer.

This is a 90 Day coaching program to help accelerate your business and life in the Persuasion and Influence Sales Course.

Also included is unlimited support for one year.


Session 1 Introduction to Sales and Persuasion  

Overview- Learn where you are now with your sales and persuasion skill set and mindset to help you determine the benefits of sales and persuasion and develop a higher self-confidence.  


Session 2 Building Rapport  

Overview- Learn the most powerful tools for building rapport with your client  


Session 3 The Benefits  

Overview- Learn how to frame features and benefits in a way that produces results fast!  


Session 4 The Psychology of Sales  

Overview- Learn the power of psychological triggers and how to use those tools in sales  


Session 5 Neuromarketing  

Overview- Understand the science of neuro-marketing and how it can help you achieve great success  


Session 6 State Management  

Overview- Learn the power of state management in a persuasion and influence environment  


Session 7 Emotion the Key to All Influence  

Overview- Learn the importance of emotion in the sale and how to help the prospects feel the types of emotions that drive buying behavior.  


Session 8 Building Rapport Mastery  

Overview- Master the art of building rapport and find ways to make it a habit in your everyday life  


Session 9 The Psychology of Sales Mastery  

Overview- Learn to define the benefits that the client will receive for doing what we suggest. Master the art of building rapport and find ways to make it a habit in your everyday life.  


Session 10 Posturing  

Overview- Understand and apply posturing. Posturing is the salesperson’s ability to differentiate oneself from the competition by asking questions, developing a better relationship, demonstrating expertise, being a problems solver, caring, and gaining trust.  


Session 11 Body Language Tonality and Appearance  

Overview- Understanding the basics of body language, tone of voice and appearance and how it impacts how the world sees you.   


Session 12 Five Keys to Creating a Successful Sales Career  

Overview- Lean the 5 simple steps to create massive sales success fast.